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A selection of feedback from clients on how did counselling with Lorraine help?

"I must admit scepticism at first but now am convinced that counselling can greatly help."

"When I first entered counselling, I was a depressed alcoholic. As I type this, I'm 14 months sober and happier than I've ever been in my life. I know that I'm still a work in progress but I'm now armed with the tools I need to control my issues rather than vice versa. I cannot thank you enough for your help in getting me here." 

"Counselling helped me to challenge my way of thinking thus come to terms with my current problem"

"I felt empowered and impelled to have conversations/make decisions I was putting off"

"Listening to me. A person who did not know me who didn't judge me, helped."

"Being able to reflect on situations and understanding my reaction and my coping mechanisms, helped"

"I was sceptic at first but soon relaxed and talked frankly and freely"

"She is very good at listening, encouraging, not critical and gives real examples to help me think positively"

"She treated me as a person rather than a number!! which for the first time relaxed me"

"She helped me to realise that I needed to start to put myself first sometimes, and to get to know my emotions and to let myself feel that it was ok to cry or to show emotions."

"I was allowed to say how I felt. I was helped to put things in order. This enabled me to see through the mist. I was not judged."

"It was empathetic, considerate and at times, provided some great insight and 'Eureka' moments."

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