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​Hypnotherapy or Hypno-Psychotherapy

This involves the use of hypnosis in order to persuade the sub-conscious to let go of unwanted anxieties 

and behaviours. I personally use hypnotherapy integrated within psychotherapy or counselling rather than single sessions.

I believe that I need to have a therapeutic relationship and understand the client sufficiently in order to perform hypnotherapy to the best it can be for the client.

I would do a thorough consultation which usually takes the form of some counselling sessions before I decide whether hypnotherapy may benefit the person. I work with conscious processes before the use of hypnotherapy within the counselling relationship.

When the client consents and understands the use of hypnosis, I then write an hypnotherapy script (out of the session) specifically for the individual person. The client will relax, maybe listening to gentle background music and I will help the person to relax by talking to them and inviting them to imagine going to a safe and relaxing place. When the client is profoundly relaxed, I will then talk to their subconscious self and apply the therapy.

Hypnosis is being in an altered state of consciousness. Some people are awake and hear everything said, others remember drifting off to sleep. Hypnotherapy cannot make you do anything which you do not want to do. Again, there are no set amount of sessions, we would assess and review following an hypnosis session.

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