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Therapy via Zoom 

The way this works is:

1. We both have to be in a safe and private place in order for confidential counselling to begin.

2. We agree a date and time, either by telephone or email.

3. You pay the hourly fee through bank transfer at least 24 hours before the session.

4. I email to you a secure, private link to the zoom online counselling space.

5. You can download ZOOM earlier so that we can instantly connect.

6. At the agreed time, in our safe, private spaces, we both access the zoom counselling meet up. You click on the link which will guide you to enter the zoom room. Click on join computer audio.

7. Should the internet fail us at any time, for unknown reasons, I will contact you by telephone if we are unable to connect by video. Some things are out of our control but we can connect in other ways or rearrange.

Disclaimer - Although the use of email and zoom services are as confidential as is possible, there is always the threat of criminal activity, whilst on the internet. I endeavour to make my use of it as secure as possible. I would advise you to use an anti virus protection and password protected private computer. I cannot take responsibility for circumstances out of my control.


I am registered with the ICO. This means I agree to keep data confidential and secure.

You are allowed to see your notes. A formal request to myself will usually be all that is needed.

Records of sessions and counselling notes are stored by myself for 5 years after the termination of therapy, and then are destroyed.

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