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Following your decision to enquire about the counselling experience, I will send you information about online counselling, hoping that this will answer any questions that you have.

I will also send you a counselling contract which is a working agreement that clearly states the ground rules that we are working to, for example, fees per hour, how to pay, confidentiality and limits to confidentiality.

If you are happy to proceed, I ask you to sign it and send it to me via email.

I also ask you to fill in an information form with your details, including GP details and ask if you have been feeling suicidal or have thoughts of harming someone.

Together, we decide whether online counselling is appropriate and right for you at this tim.e.

If we both feel confident that it is right for you, then we will proceed to arrange an appointment.. 

Payment should be made 24 hours before the appointment. 

After payment, I email you a private link to zoom video. At the time of the arranged link,

you will need to be in a private room where you will not be overheard or disturbed for 1 hour.

You click on the link on your computer/tablet or phone, at the arranged time and we have our first counselling session together.


The working agreement explains confidentiality and I will answer any questions you have about it. I cannot keep serious harm to self or others or disclosure of serious crime confidential. If a person tells me that a child or vulnerable person is at risk, I cannot keep that confidential. 

We then discuss the issues that are important to you. It is your agenda. I will work with what you bring.

I do not expect you to agree to a pre arranged number of sessions, but you will probably need to experience more than one to know if they are going to be beneficial.

There is no obligation, you can then go away without arranging another session and get in contact if you wish to commit to the process of therapy.

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